1831 RIOT!

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1831 RIOT! app retells the story of uprising in Bristol’s Queen Square


Queen Square is once again the scene of the 1831 reform riots! Visitors can now launch a ground-breaking app, put their headphones on, enter The Magic Time Portal on Thunderbolt Square directly in front of Queen Square … and go back in time to 1831!


Bristol-based immersive media company Satsymph have remade 1831 RIOT!, the original ground-breaking immersive audio play of 2004 as a free app for a new audience of smartphone users. Immersive media software company Calvium developed the user interface, Satsymph’s Phill Phelps coded the audio experience, and UWE’s Regional History Centre brought students in to help with testing and redesign.


1831 Riot! is an audio play with a difference – one where the listener’s location determines what is heard. By moving through hidden pools of sound layered across Queen Square, listeners’ movements shape the experience, making it different each time they try it. Regional History Centre director, Professor Steve Poole said, ‘The really innovative thing about 1831 RIOT is that it allows listeners to make their own connections between snatches of evidence, conversations and events as the riots unfold. No two people ever experienced events like these in exactly the same way and this brilliant app reminds us that history is all about interpretation’


Visitors are invited to visit satsymph.co.uk to download 1831 Riot! to their phone (it’s free!) and for more information. They can then enter the ‘time portal’ on Queen Square, Bristol and be transported back in time to 1831 - with over 100 mini dialogues to discover! The experience is wheelchair and mobility-impaired friendly. It is all audio: just wander around and see what happens!