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Lindow Man - from British Museum - Ralph words-lo

"Sarah: Lindow Man is Britain's most  important and most complete bog body.  He was found 25 years ago in Lindow Moss which is in Cheshire in Manchester.  And he was found by peat cutters who were cutting the peat in the Moss, originally he was found because one of the cutters was throwing something off the conveyor belt that they thought was just a log.  It turned out to be a leg.  The police, the archaeologists were all brought in, and Lindow Man was taken out in a full piece of peat and excavated in the lab in London.  He was a very heavily forensically researched.  We can tell loads about his final days, his final hours, how he died.  We know he died about the time the Romans invaded Britain. We We know that he suffered three key injuries.  He has a blow to the head.  He has a garrotte or a sinew round his neck may have been used as a garrotte.  He also has a broken neck and he also has some potential stab wounds."

BBC Report: Lindow Man: Gruesome discovery who became 'international celebrity' LINK TO ARTICLE

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