In 2011 Ralph Hoyte, Marc Yeats, Phill Phelps founded the artistic partnership Satsymph LLP (Limited Liability Partnership). Satsymph are work together or with invited collaborators to create, produce and distribute interactive spatial-audio mobile immersive media soundscapes (see panel right!) accessed through the smartphone in the areas of contemporary classical music, contemporary poetry, fusions of the above, and dramatised  re-imagined heritage experiences.



Satsymph The Temple of Hermes (Marc Yeats, contemporary classical music, Ralph Hoyte, poetry, Phill Phelps, coding and audio-engineering) interactive spatial audio soundscape on a theme of Hermes, Greek messenger of the gods and all-round rascal (trickster god) created for Hamworthy Park, Poole, Dorset. NOTE: film only; not yet released, waiting on BCP Council say-so due to Covid19



Romancing the Gibbet: a located app produced with the University of the West of England Regional History Centre placing authentic historical content about the notorious crime-scene executions (hangings and gibbettings) of the 18th/19th century in the places these executions took place.



1831 RIOT! The ReMake: 1831 Riot! was the world's first immersive audio-play. Set on Queen Square, Bristol, this ground-breaking work re-imagines the three days of the 1831 Bristol Reform Riots when the people rose up against authority and for reform.



Land Bone and Stone : We have produced three soundscape apps (LBS1, LBS2, and LBS3) set in the stunning South Dorset Ridgeway area, cited as one of Europe’s finest ancient ceremonial landscapes with its thousands of prehistoric monuments. The landscape is full of stories and sounds. These apps help you discover them.


The House on the Strand - experimental GPS trail based on Daphne Du Maurier's novel

grey mare 6

At The Grey Mare and Her Colts Neolithic Stone Circle in the hills above Abbotsbury. Satsymph built the app with input from the kids for LAND BONE STONE


'Interactive spatial-audio mobile immersive media soundscapes' - bit of a mouthful, apologies! - means we embed audio into city- and landscapes which can only be accessed through your mobile (and headphones, obviously) in a designated location. Imagine navigating a landscape in which there are multiple virtual 'soundpools'. What you hear in these soundpools -when you've found one by using your phone - depends on what you do in it: face one way, get one sonic experience, face the other, get another. Hold your phone up to the sky, hear the spheres sublime; hold it down, Dante's Inferno. Walk slowly, get one sonic response; walk fast, get another: the audio is interactive; you change the experience by what you DO!